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Hunter's Hotel

Tel:      +353 (0)404 40106
Email:  reception@hunters.ie

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Welcome to Hunter's Hotel.

Hunter's Hotel, Wicklow, Ireland's oldest coaching inn, is located 45 minutes by car from Dublin city, 60 minutes from Dublin Airport via the M50 & M11 and 90 minutes from the ferry at Rosslare. The hotel has been operated by the Hunter/Gelletlie family since 1825. Hunter's Hotel is situated just 5 minutes from Mount Usher Gardens, one of Ireland's most celebrated gardens.

Hunter's Hotel has been voted one of Ireland's Top Ten Most Beautiful Hotels by the Good Hotel Guide, 2016.

Hunter's is set in 2 acres of renowned gardens on the banks of the river Vartry in Co. Wicklow, which is known as the Garden of Ireland.      


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